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150,000+ multimedia resources for teachers and students. All subjects. All K-12 grades.



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We offer a wide range of DVD & digital content from Canadian, US & International producers. We strive to provide libraries with a/v resources for every level of interest.

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DVD and Online Resources. Streaming rights available exclusively from VEC!



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Mazzarella Media

Social Studies Video Vocabulary Series and Science Video Vocabulary Series - Exclusively available in Canada from VEC!

Visual Learning Company

VEC now has Canadian streaming and DVD rights for all Visual Learning Company’s award-winning science titles. Download a list of VLC programs

Green Planet Films

VEC now has rights for Green Planet Films’ latest science/environment titles in Canada. Download a copy of GPF titles

Welcome to Visual Education Centre

Canada's leading content supplier for Education and Entertainment. Visual Education Centre provides a wide range of DVD programs and digital content from award-winning Canadian, US and International producers.

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